If you’re going to volunteer somewhere, it might as well be in paradise! Your skill set doesn’t matter to us, there is a place for everyone at PACS. We only ask that you are a friendly, happy person, with a love for animals and a dedication to help them. 

PACS’ volunteers are absolutely essential members of the team, working alongside PACS’ full-time Head Nurse – it is impossible for PACS to give it’s many patients adequate care, without the help of volunteers. For full-time volunteers, this is not a holiday; it is a dedication to helping Koh Phangan’s delightful animals (like none you have ever met) to recover from illness & injuries, and returning them to their home environment. It is hot, sweaty, dirty, tiring, and incredibly rewarding. It is therefore vital that PACS’ volunteers are serious, committed to hard work & complete all scheduled tasks – the animals & the team are relying on you, so please do not consider volunteering if you are not willing to commit wholeheartedly for the entire period.

PACS’ schedules full working days from Monday to Friday, starting at 8.30am and closing at 4.30pm. Weekends require morning and evening visits for feeding, cleaning & medicating. The weekly schedule depends on the volunteer’s role and pre-agreement but is generally 5 days a week with 2 consecutive days off. We try to have at least two full-time volunteers and two medically trained volunteers working together, at any one time. 

Of course, because we are a very small team, there are times when everyone needs to roll up their sleeves and do some of the dirty work. We all need to be ready to do whatever it takes to keep our patients safe and comfortable. While we want to make the most of each volunteer’s special skills and knowledge, everyday tasks such as cleaning and feeding still need to be completed.

In return for your help, PACS may be able to offer discounted accommodation, depending on availability, for only 2,500 THB per month. This includes your own room, wifi, shared kitchen, hot showers, electricity, washing machine, drinking water and all bills covered. 

Watch this short video about PACS volunteering

If you cannot commit to volunteering, but would like to help out as a day volunteer, {LINK TO ‘MY EXPERIENCE AS A PACS DAY VOLUNTEER’ IN ‘BLOG’} please contact {LINK TO ‘CONTACT US’} us to explain the time & skills that you have to offer, and we will check our schedule & jobs list and try to find a suitable arrangement. Please understand that training an unskilled volunteer may take more time than can be gained from having a volunteer, so it is preferable to all concerned to commit for a specific period of time. 

Koh Phangan is a beautiful island and volunteering at PACS gives you the opportunity to stay for a while, and deeply experience the beautiful beaches, jungle, wildlife and culture. PACS’ volunteers often make lifelong friends during their time here, and many volunteers come back to volunteer again. PACS experience has often been a life-changer, with several past volunteers even joining the field of veterinary medicine after their time at PACS. 

To find out what is in store for you on this beautiful island, visit We Love Koh Phangan, www.phangan.info and www.phanganist.com

Applicants must be at least 21 years old.  
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Clinic Assistant {LINK TO ‘CLINIC ASSISTANT’} 

Veterinary Nurse {LINK TO ‘VETERINARY NURSE’}