Ever felt like you wanted to try something different? Wanted to really help those animals in need? Wanted to use all the skills you have gained to effectively improve the lives of animals in need? Wanted to work on a tropical island in the sun where the opportunity to have an excellent time is all around you? Well, here’s your chance! Here is a video from a previous PACS volunteer nurse to give you a taste! 

PACS has two different positions for nurses: the Head Nurse position runs on a 2-year contract, and will therefore only come up for renewal every 2 years. PACS’ Head Nurse covers all aspects of running the clinic & patient care, and takes full responsibility for the recovery of  each of the animals to pass through PACS. The second nursing position is that of a Volunteer Nurse – either on a part-time or full-time basis. PACS’ Head Nurse relies heavily on Volunteer Nurses to assist with the on-going clinical demands. 

Both positions take commitment and a real passion for helping animals. As a nurse, you will come face to face with some truly horrifying cases, but you will also witness the amazing strength of the Thai dogs and cats and will feel enormous satisfaction to return them, healed, back to their territories, when you have been a crucial part of their recovery. Volunteering at PACS will provide enormous clinical experience and is extremely rewarding for nurses. 

Both positions require experienced veterinary nurses or technicians as there is no on-site vet at PACS. It is therefore essential that the nurse is able to manage their time and work independently, is confident & experienced in health examinations, and is able to make logical and clear-headed decisions regarding the care of their patients. The procedures are quite advanced, and there is a vital need for a logical approach to symptomatic treatment, with the ability to recognise more serious conditions that may require referral to a private veterinarian on the island.

Typical cases include:

  • health check for vaccinations
  • skin problems
  • sedation
  • wound cleanups (MANY maggot infested wounds on the island!)
  • symptomatic treatment for basic illnesses
  • IV catheter placement
  • fluid therapy
  • emergency first aid (road traffic accidents)
  • daily nursing care for hospitalized patients

Please see Causes {LINK TO ‘CAUSES’} for further details about the work carried out by PACS’ Nurses. Most of this work is carried out on site, caring for In Patients, and new incoming cases. New cases may be brought to PACS by the public, picked up by PACS in response to a report from the public, or referred to PACS by the private veterinarians on the island. PACS also travels the island (usually by motorbike), to visit our stray population onsite. Finally PACS Nurses are responsible for organising and assisting with “spay days” at our local veterinarian – which may mean rising early to find, catch and transport the patients requiring surgery. 

The position involves a lot of interaction with the locals of the island so, a relaxed, friendly, open personality is a must. 

A prolonged stay (preferably 3-6 months) is highly recommended, to ensure a good cross-section of the weather & a rewarding follow-up with your patients! You’ll be amazed how quickly the time passes! 

Full-time Volunteer Nursing 

Full-time, live-in volunteer nurses, are asked to work at least 5 full days per week, with a small chance of requests for help to cover the weekend shifts for morning & evening care. 

Part-time Volunteer Nursing

If living off-site, PACS asks for 2 full days per week plus at least one weekend day to cover morning & evening care. 

IMPORTANT! Before you apply for a Nursing placement, please be aware of the nature of the work you will be undertaking and the commitment you are making.

You will need to be prepared for the following on a daily basis: 

  • working in very hot and humid conditions 
  • getting very dirty and incredibly sweaty 
  • spending a lot of time cleaning 

If that hasn’t put you off and you are still determined to join us, then you are probably just who we are looking for! Please submit our application form {LINK TO ‘VOLUNTEER’} and a copy of your Resume.