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Sponsor Mumma: A Devoted Mother Waiting For Her Forever Home For 7 Years

Discover Mumma’s Heartwarming Journey Resilien

Mumma’s journey at PACS began in 2017 when she was abandoned at our gates with her four puppies. Despite her own poor health and challenges, she was a loving and attentive mother, ensuring her puppies thrived with the help of our kind volunteers and the support of Echo Beach Backpackers. 

Her puppies have since found homes, but Mumma has been waiting for her chance at a loving home for over seven years now.

Sponsor Mumma

Why Mumma needs your support?

Through the years, Mumma has shown incredible gentleness and affection. She loves head scratches and is always eager to learn new things. She’s been learning how to wear a harness and go for walks and has even picked up a few tricks!

Despite her gentle nature, the harsh reality of life without a permanent home looms large for her. She’s not one to fight for food and desperately needs a safe place where she can be loved and cared for.

9 Years Old

Kind & Gentle

Loyal & Affectionate


How you can help Mumma

Sponsor Mumma:
By sponsoring Mumma, you help us provide the ongoing care he needs to remain happy and healthy at PACS. This includes his routine care, playtime, and her medical needs.

Here are the sponsorship tiers you can choose from:

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How you can help Mumma

Adopt Mumma:
After seven years of loyal companionship and watching her babies find their forever homes, Mumma deserves a place where she can spend her golden years feeling cherished and loved. Make Mumma’s last days comforting and joyful—adopt her now and let her know the warmth of a loving home.