Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Rescue

If you find an animal in need, please visit our ‘Report A Stray’ page for guidance.
We are open Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

If it’s an emergency and PACS is closed, please contact local vets for immediate assistance.

You can reach

Dr. Jibb at Phangan Animal Clinic in Baan Tai at 0844470944,


Dr. Yotin at Sakuloudtarn Animal Hospital in Baan Tai at 0899098171.

For more detailed information, please visit our Report A Stray Animal Page. 

As part of our community outreach project, stray animals, community animals and those owned by low-income families are sterilized for free.

In order to continue sterilizing disadvantaged animals, we rely on the donations we receive from animal lovers.

Spayed or neutered animals typically have a tattoo mark in their ear. This is a quick way to identify if an animal has already been treated under our sterilization programs.

While we are not a shelter and therefore cannot take in puppies or kittens, we can still offer significant support to help you care for them. We provide vaccinations, worming treatments, vaccine boosters, and sterilization services. These medical interventions are crucial for their health and can increase their chances of finding a permanent home.

It is important not to give the animals away for adoption without first ensuring they are sterilized. We encourage you to reach out to us for these services while you continue to seek adopters.

Our primary mission is to provide medical care for the stray animals of Koh Phangan, and we do not typically offer services for privately owned pets.

However, we recognize the challenges faced by the local Thai and Burmese communities who may want to care for their animals but lack the financial resources. In these cases, we extend our support through a donation-based system.

This allows pet owners who are genuinely in need to access necessary medical treatments for their pets, ensuring that no animal has to go without care due to economic constraints.

Thank you for choosing to take your rescue pet home with you! We often encounter pets that have been abandoned on the island, and your decision to provide a loving home is truly commendable.

For more information on arranging transport for your rescue pet, please contact Lucky Dog Phangan.

They can offer guidance and support to ensure your new companion arrives safely at your hom

If your pet goes missing, please provide a detailed description along with recent photos and post them to local Facebook groups to spread the word.

Consider creating and displaying paper flyers around your area to further increase visibility. While offering a reward is not mandatory, it can serve as a strong incentive for community members to join the search and help reunite you with your pet.

Recommended Active Facebook Groups to post:

Koh Phangan Lost and Found Pets
Koh Phangan Conscious Community
Koh Phangan Classified

General Questions

PACS, or Phangan Animal Care for Strays, is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of stray and wild animals on Koh Phangan. We provide medical treatment, vaccinations, and sterilization programs to help manage the local animal population.

PACS relies entirely on donations and community support for funding. We do not receive any government assistance. Your contributions directly support our medical supplies, staff, and operational costs.

PACS is located in the South of Thailand on the island of Koh Phangan. To get directions please visit our contact page. 

Our facility is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. We are closed on the weekends.

If you encounter an emergency outside of these hours, please visit our Request Help page for detailed guidance on how to proceed and obtain the necessary support.

Donation FAQ

Every donation we receive is crucial and directly supports our mission at the first and only rescue hospital for stray animals on Koh Phangan.

Your generous contributions are allocated towards:

  • Emergency and Routine Care: Funding emergency surgeries and ongoing medical treatments to ensure the health and recovery of our animals.
  • Vaccinations and Sterilizations: Covering the costs of vaccinations and sterilizations to control the stray population and prevent disease.
  • Operational Expenses: Maintaining our facility and purchasing essential equipment to keep our operations running smoothly.
  • On-Site Veterinary Staff: Supporting our dedicated team of veterinarians and clinic staff who provide vital care and supervision.

By donating, you help improve the lives of stray animals and ensure they receive the care and attention they deserve. Thank you for your support!

There are numerous methods of donating to our cause.

Firstly, if you are in the local area, you can pop into our center and leave a cash donation. We would be happy to talk about our mission with you.

If you wish to make a donation online, you can do so by visiting our donations page which will direct you to our PayPal or DonorBox.

You can also submit money directly into the PACS bank account in Thailand. The information you require is on our donation page.

Yes, you absolutely can! We offer a monthly sponsorship program to support animals that, for various reasons, cannot be returned to the streets. Your sponsorship helps cover the cost of food, medical care, shelter, and daily enrichment activities to ensure their well-being.

Additionally, as a sponsor, you’ll receive regular updates about your sponsored animal, including photos and stories about their progress. This way, you can see the direct impact of your support.

To learn more about how you can make a lasting difference in an animal’s life through sponsorship, click here.

Yes, donations of supplies are greatly appreciated.

Things we require include: towels, blankets, toys, dog & cat food, general animal care products and cleaning supplies, as well as veterinary medications, such as flea and tick treatments or shampoos for mange.

Yes, we do! Our charity shop is conveniently located in Thongsala, where you can find a variety of items that help support our mission. For directions and more details, please click here. Additionally, we’re excited to announce that an online shop will be launching soon! This will feature cool merchandise designed to both raise funds and increase awareness for our cause. Keep an eye on our website for updates and get ready to shop for a cause!

Volunteering FAQ

For more information on our volunteer program, please visit out volunteer page here.

The shortest volunteer experience we offer is two weeks, however, in order to achieve the full experience we highly recommend volunteering for a minimum of one month

Adoption FAQ

Yes, even though we primarily function as an animal hospital for stray and wild animals on Koh Phangan, we do have some animals available for adoption. These are individuals who, due to medical reasons or concerns for their safety, cannot be returned to the streets.

Each has been cared for with the hope that they can find a safe and loving forever home.

Click here to find your forever friend.

Yes, we do have a foster program. We highly encourage fostering because it greatly benefits the animals.

As a busy animal hospital, our focus during the day is on treating strays, running spay and neuter programs, and other medical needs.

Fostering allows animals to get accustomed to the outside world, enjoy personal attention, and adapt to home environments, which is invaluable for their socialization and well-being.