What to do if you see a sick or injured stray animal on Koh Phangan?

Thank you for your willingness to help!

Your concern for our island’s animals can save lives and contribute to our ongoing efforts to care for Koh Phangan’s stray population.

Here’s how you can assist if you see a sick or injured stray animal.

How to report an emergency

If you are witnessing an animal in critical condition or severe distress, please contact PACS immediately!

Phone: +66 (0)898757513

For emergencies during non-working hours or on weekends, please contact our recommended veterinary services.

Dr Jibb
Phangan Animal Clinic
Baan Tai สัตวเเพทย์จิ๊บ บ้านใต้

Dr Yotin Sakuloudtarn
Animal Hospital
Baan Tai สัตวเเพทย์จิ๊บ บ้านใต้

Click here for PACS opening hours.

How to report a non-emergency situation

For non-emergency cases, please reach out to us via any of the following platforms and we will respond as promptly as possible:

Line Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Facebook Messenger

To expedite assistance, please provide the following details:

  1. Google Map Location of the animal
  2. Description of the animal
  3. Symptoms observed (if known)
  4. Photo of the Animal (if possible)

If you want to report an animal now click one of the buttons below ( line, messenger, whats app to get in touch with us. )

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