Sponsor Colin

Sponsor Colin

A Joyful Companion Awaiting His Forever Home

Meet Colin, Our Cheeky Chappy Resident

Colin first came to PACS over a year ago, brought in by a kind-hearted tourist who found him suffering from a severe wound on his back paw. Since then, Colin has not only healed but has become a cherished member of our shelter family. His treatment involved bandages, wound cleansing, antibiotics, and pain relief—all of which he responded to with remarkable resilience.

Sponsor Colin

Why Colin needs your support?

Colin, a big-hearted pup, has captured the hearts of everyone at PACS. After the tourist who found him never returned, it became clear that Colin had no home to go back to. Now a permanent resident at our shelter, Colin’s joyful demeanor continues to shine. 

He loves playing fetch, enjoys his baths, adores going for walks, and gets along wonderfully with other dogs. His love for life and human companions makes him an excellent candidate for adoption.

2 Years Old

Goofy & Playful

Loves Water


How you can help Colin

Sponsor Colin:
By sponsoring Colin, you help us provide the ongoing care he needs to remain happy and healthy at PACS. This includes his routine care, playtime, and any additional medical needs.

Here are the sponsorship tiers you can choose from:

Bronze Sponsorship $20 a Month

Basic Care, Feeding & Shelter

Silver Sponsorship $40 a Month

Basic Care, Feeding & Shelter

Gold Sponsorship $100 a Month

Basic Care, Feeding & Shelter

How you can help Colin

Adopt Colin:

Looking for a playful and loving companion? Colin is eager to find his forever home where he can share his boundless affection and joy. Consider making Colin a part of your family and experience the unconditional love he has to offer.

With your support, we can ensure that Colin lives his best life at PACS until he finds a loving home. Whether through sponsorship or adoption, your involvement will have a lasting impact on Colin’s future.