Khao Raa Puppy Mission

There is a litter of dogs nearly halfway up the mountain on the Khao Raa Hiking trail that need to be spayed, neutered, and vaccinated.

Khao Raa Puppy Mission

There is a litter of dogs nearly halfway up the mountain on the Khao Raa Hiking trail that need to be spayed, neutered, and vaccinated.

Update: 18 January 2022

We are hoping to end this vicious cycle! — The dogs continue to breed with zero supervision and are at a big risk of disease and death due to illness and starvation.

For the past few months, we have been visiting the area regularly with food to try and familiarize the dogs with human interaction in hopes of eventually catching them all.

Yesterday, the team successfully caught caught 4 pups, (2 Male 2 female)! Unfortunately, there are still two more and the mother up there that were still very frightened of us, but we will take this mission as a win regardless! We are in high hopes of completing the job by catching the remaining 3 dogs in our next mission.

Can you help us, help them? We are looking for any hiking groups on the island that regularly visit Khao Raa that could help us by feeding the animals in hopes they will eventually let us touch them and get them into cages for treatment. We will supply all the dog food to any willing volunteers.

We are currently looking into the cost of some dog traps as well which might help speed up the process.

24 November 2021

Special Request

We are searching for an individual or group of hikers that regularly visit Khao Ra on the island. — There is an ever-increasing dog population about halfway up the mountain near the first viewpoint (where Jamaie’s house is). 

These dogs are extremely feral and afraid of humans. This has been a persistent problem for the past few years, and we, unfortunately, can’t seem to get on top of it. As you can see in the photos, they will approach you when you have food, but we still can not get close enough to catch them before they take off running.

We need help trying to familiarize them with people so we are able to catch and sterilize as many as possible before the situation gets any worse. They all need to be vaccinated, and the competition for food is growing increasingly difficult, leaving many of them at risk of dying from starvation and disease.

We are asking that this group or individual brings some food (provided for free by us) along with them on their hikes up the mountain to try and feed some of the dogs. This will be a massive help in trying to familiarize them more with human interaction, and hopefully increase our odds of finally catching them all.

Are you an active hiker on the island? Would you like to get involved and help us out? Please send us a DM and let us know when you are planning your next trek. We would be forever grateful and you would be saving many innocent lives from a slow and painful death. 🥺💜🙏


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