Donate Now Providing free medical care for stray and wild animals on Koh Phangan
To keep Koh Phangan rabies free through vaccination
To control the dog and cat population through neutering stray animals and promoting the neutering of owned animals
To provide free nursing and hospital care to the islands stray, temple and wild animals
To educate the public about responsible pet ownership

Our aim is to sterilise at least 5 animals per day in the clinic five days per week

The main constraints are; The number of medical volunteers available, The experience and efficiency of the volunteers, The core team and volunteers being able to catch enough strays, Recovery space if we have a large number of sick and injured patients in the kennels

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Neuters Per Month

PACS tries to sterilize at least 30 animals per month

Rabies vaccines per month

We continue our efforts to stabilise this island's animal population, nurse sick strays and continue our vaccination efforts